Parent Support Groups

Evoke Therapy Programs provide Parent Support Groups, led by our therapists, throughout the country. These groups provide parents with education as well as an opportunity to connect with others in your area who are traveling the same road. Alumni families provide new parents with a glimpse of the road ahead, while new families have the opportunity to share their story in a safe and accepting place. Parents receive hope while building a network of support.

"We especially benefited from Dr. Reedy's calm, concise, insightful counseling during these meetings. There was always at least one a-ha moment when he stopped the world from spinning and everything would make sense again." — Evoke Parent

Upcoming Events

Wilderness Parent Online Support Groups  

  • September 29, 6:30pm MT
  • October 6, 6:30pm MT
  • October 13, 6:30pm MT
  • October 20, 6:30pm MT
  • October 26, 6:30pm MT
  • November 3, 6:30pm MT
  • November 10, 6:30pm MT
  • November 17, 6:30pm MT
  • November 23, 6:30pm MT
  • December 1, 6:30pm MT
  • December 8, 6:30pm MT

Alumni-only Wilderness Parent Online Support Groups

  • September 27, 6;30pm MT
  • October 25, 6:30pm MT
  • November 22, 6:30pm MT
  • December 27, 6:30pm MT

Live Webinars 

  • October 4, 6:30pm MT, Q&A for Evoke Families & Friends
  • October 11, 6:30pm MT, Changing Seasons: Learning to Let Go of Old Ideas, Relationships, and Contexts
  • October 19, 6:30pm MT, Q&A for Evoke Families & Friends
  • October 20, 6:30pm MT, Topic TBA

Intensives Alumni Online Support Groups

  • October 11, 6pm MT
  • November 8, 6pm MT
  • December 13, 6pm MT

"Even though our son attended your program during the summer of 2011, we try to attend every parent support group. We always learn something and continue to grow as parents. We also welcome the opportunity to help other parents who are currently going through the Evoke process." — California Parent