Evoke Alumni Program

Life after wilderness is a key part of your family's journey. A successful plan includes access to ongoing support services and community. At Evoke Therapy Programs, we consider ourselves as part of a larger family, and we offer an inclusive Alumni program to help you stay involved and connected. We invite you to continue to learn your truth, speak your truth, and find safe places to heal in relationship with others.

Alumni Services

Coaching Services

Evoke therapists have unique skills that can assist parents and individuals with clarity and guidance in navigating many of life’s challenges. Our Coaching Program provides guidance during critical phases of each individual’s journey. Whether help is needed prior to wilderness therapy, during wilderness therapy, during a transitional phase, or post-wilderness therapy, our staff can offer parents or young people support and direction helping them to navigate challenges.

Parent Support Groups

Evoke Therapy Programs provide Parent Support Groups, led by our therapists. These groups provide parents with education as well as an opportunity to connect with others in your area who are traveling the same road. Alumni families provide new parents with a glimpse of the road ahead, while new families have the opportunity to share their story in a safe and accepting place. Parents receive hope while building a network of support. Join us for our Monthly Alumni only parent support group or our weekly Parents support groups for current families.

Parent Mentoring

Stay involved as a Parent Mentor, for other parents like you. Parent Mentors are previous Evoke parents who can offer parent-to-parent support, especially during the emotional early days in the program. Are you are eager to “give-back’” and offer the guidance that others provided for them? Become a Parent Mentor today by reaching out to your Parent Coordinator.

Evoke Library: Podcasts, Webinars, Newsletters

Since 2007, Dr. Reedy has broadcast over 1500 Webinars for parents and families of wilderness participants. Parents can access this library and select from a variety of topics including Anxiety, Grief, Boundaries, Connection, Addiction, Aftercare, and many more. In addition to recordings of the live video sessions, these broadcasts are available on any podcast app, so parents can listen on the go and family members can learn about the principles taught by Evoke’s therapy team. As an alumni family, you stay connected to Evoke and your work by attending live, interactive, weekly Webinars and listening to the Finding You Podcast.

Returning Student Mentor

Participants who have completed a wilderness experience often want to return to the place that offered them healing, to give back, to center, and to rekindle the spark they felt during their time at Evoke. If your child is interested in coming back for a mentoring experience, reach out to your child's therapist or admissions.