FITS Conference

The Forum for Innovative Treatment Solutions

The goal of FITS is to bring together leaders in the treatment community in an educational and experiential forum to improve treatment outcomes in the areas of mental health and addiction. We believe the net result of this collaboration will be that clients and patients will be provided with more options, better services, and all of our treatment outcomes will improve due to such multi-disciplinary collaboration. We strive to create a tone of sharing, teaching, personal growth, and education.

FITS is both collaborative and experiential. We are pleased to provide wake-up activities including Yoga, Meditation, Running or Walking. We also provide activities where participants are able to do some of their own work and are welcome to attend either an A.A. meeting or a CODA meeting. They can attend these meetings to either support their own recovery or to learn how these meetings and programs can benefit participants.

We will constantly evolve FITS to ensure we are meeting the needs of professionals. With our Evoke staff as the centerpiece and our insightful guest presenters, we are committed to providing attendees with innovative education as well as personally rewarding experiences. 

Thank you to our FITS 2018 Sponsors:

Journey Sponsor: Aim House 

Walkabout Sponsor: Cascade Crest Transitions

Air Sponsors: The Guest House Ocala & In Balance Continuum  

Water Sponsors: Discovery Ranch, The Grounds Recovery, New Roads Treatment, & Alpine Academy

Fire Sponsors: Catalyst RTC, Newport Academy, Telos, Casa Capri Recovery, Capstone, & Cirque Lodge

Pursuits Sponsor: Onsite

Intensives Sponsor:  Benchmark Transitions

Earth Sponsors: Right DirectionSafe HarborChrysalis, Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers, Pasadena Villa, Vista Treatment Centers, All Kinds of Therapy, Bridge House, Polaris Teen, Hired Power, Turnbridge, & Pace Recovery 


This is what attendees have had to say about FITS in our first four years:

  • "This is a huge thank you for the opportunity to be a part of FITS."

  • "Hands down the best energy I have ever felt at a conference."

  •  "Simply, just lovely. Again, thank you for letting me a part of it."

  • "I would say you achieved more than any conference has in creating collaboration, connection and a supportive environment within such a competitive industry and a positive energy that carried throughout."

  • "The positive energy was palpable throughout the entire 2 days!" 

  • "This event is amazing, and I am listening to the buzz around me about it being the best thing around."

  • "FITS is, hands down, the best conference experience out there. People come to advance the work we do in our industry and support likeminded people doing the same. FITS raises the bar on the work we do. It's a privilege to be included."

  • "An excellent opportunity for learning and restoration amongst colleagues. This conference is not to be missed."

  • "It's a pleasure to be at a conference where participants are fully engaged AT the conference rather than being pulled away for marketing."



In 2014, we decided to create a conference that goes beyond marketing and networking. Our vision was to provide a collaborative venue for participants to bring back valuable insights and tools to their professional practices. At Evoke Therapy Programs, it is our aim and vision to make a positive difference in the world. We could think of no better way to do this than to provide professionals, whose aim is to treat those who suffer from mental health and addiction, a forum to collaborate and replenish themselves.