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Multi-day Intensives provide a safe, healing retreat for connection and personal growth. During an Intensive, you will experience different types of therapy and mindfulness to gain a meaningful understanding of life’s challenges

TYPES OF Intensives

Why Intensives?

Depending on what you believe, you may only have one pass through life. Fortunately, each day dawns the opportunity to make it better — better acceptance of yourself, better relationships with others, more joy, stronger connections. But many of us don’t know how to get started. In just a few days, Evoke Intensives provide opportunities to heal your wounds from childhood, enable forgiveness and acceptance of yourself and others, strengthen your family, and make tomorrow better. It’s your life and it’s worth it.


Other Programs

“Evoke saved my life. I’d been through many other programs and Evoke is the one that finally worked.”

Madeline, Evoke Participant