Finding Hope in the Wilderness

Evoke Therapy Programs offers hope in the wilderness for teens ages 13–17, young adults ages 18–25+, and families struggling with difficulties like trauma, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, defiance, and substance abuse. Evoke provides therapy and healing from these circumstances, following a proven approach that creates lasting positive change.

Is Wilderness THERAPY Right For You?

It Starts with Understanding

Evoke meets the behavioral and mental health needs of teens, young adults, and their families, restoring wholeness and balance in the individual and in their relationships.

Wilderness is the Perfect Place to be Found

Early trauma, hurt, guilt, and confusion can result in a lifetime of pain and destructive behavior. Time spent in the wilderness with compassionate clinical professionals using multi-dimensional therapies can result in a clear understanding of a young person’s place in the world, and can set them on a better course for the rest of their life. When your child truly understands themself, they can better manage the important relationships around them.

Evoke Wilderness Programs Overview

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“Evoke saved my life. I’d been through many other programs and Evoke is the one that finally worked.”

Madeline, Evoke Participant