Evoke at Entrada Receives OBH Accreditation

Posted by Rick Heizer, MS, Owner & Executive Director on September 22, 2015

Rick Heizer 17Evoke Therapy Programs is pleased to announce Evoke at Entrada has received its Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Accreditation from the Association of Experiential Education (AEE). As a member of the Outdoor Behavior Healthcare (OBH) Council, Evoke at Entrada has made a commitment to uphold the OBH Mission, Ethical Standards and Best Practices. This also includes contributing to the collective research of OBH members making up the OBH Research Center, and being OBH Accredited.

In 2013, the OBH Council approached AEE to jointly create an expansion of AEE’s existing standards to better reflect the field of wilderness therapy’s current practices. Among the many accrediting bodies available to partner with, AEE stood out as the best because of their long-standing reputation in the field of experiential and adventure education, including more than 25 years of experience accrediting programs in the field. As a result, the AEE-OBH Council partnership created an extensive set of ethical, risk management, and clinical treatment standards. These standards were created by longstanding leaders in AEE accreditation, leaders in the field of OBH, adventure therapy, and wilderness programming. In this process, the OBH Council believed it was essential AEE owned and managed this accreditation, independent from the Council. This result ensures a level of separation and accountability that is essential to the integrity of this accreditation.

Evoke at Entrada’s OBH Accreditation provides impartial validation that it meets or exceeds standards that have been developed exclusively for outdoor behavioral healthcare programs. This includes operating above industry standards of ethical care, treatment services, and risk management practices. Through the process of becoming accredited, Evoke at Entrada gained valuable insight and perspective through rigorous internal and impartial external reviews. This allowed for opportunities to improve on various aspects of our program. Being OBH accredited is just one more way Evoke at Entrada is distinguished in the growing field of wilderness therapy as a leader in the industry.

obh Accredited

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