Evoke is About Family for a Reason

Posted by Rick Heizer on May 26, 2021

772F724D B13A 4023 B74F FF258AE8F75BEvoke Therapy Programs has always incorporated the family into our therapeutic approach. When we started doing wilderness therapy more than 20 years ago we knew how essential it was to involve the family. Back then it looked like phone calls, letter writing, and what we called a transition camp where families were reunited with their child and practiced their newly learned tools. Now, it’s so much more.

There is a fundamental reason family involvement is so important to Evoke. Simply put, clients in treatment do better when the whole family is involved. This is why embedded in Evoke’s clinical philosophy is both Attachment and Family Systems Therapy approaches. What this means in both cases is looking at the family as a whole, assessing the quality of attachment--or healthy relationships--between the client and family members, and providing everyone the necessary tools to improve those relationships. Whether the Evoke client’s pain is wholly independent from the family, or if they are the lightning rod for a family where the Evoke client’s pain is most illuminated, when the family is doing their work in conjunction with a client, they do better.

There is another crucial reason we try to incorporate parents into the treatment plan: we feel it’s time to acknowledge we can all benefit from doing our own work. Or more work, if you’ve already started. The beauty of doing it is it helps us become better partners, parents, friends, and individuals in the way we treat ourselves and how we approach our lives. So yes, do your work to give your child a better chance, but also do it because you deserve it too. Everyone wins when everyone is doing their work.

It’s easy to say and can sometimes be hard to do. We are here to help your child and you. There are reasons we have assignments, phone calls, webinars, podcasts, mid- and post in-field visits, Pursuits, Family Walkabouts, and Transition Adventures. All help your child learn and grow, and they also provide you the opportunity to do the same. Speak to your Evoke therapist and arrange for a field visit, sign up for a Parent Workshop, and attend the Parent Support Groups. Hire an Evoke Coach, for you, who knows how to support you through your child’s treatment. Attend an Evoke Finding You Intensive so you can be your best Self, for you and your family. By doing your own work you will gain a level of understanding and peace that will change your life and the lives of those you love.


There is a secret to your child’s success: It’s letting it go. Letting go of your attachment to what you think that success may look like for them, and you. Your child’s success will come once they have found and learned to love their own truth. The secret to helping your child find their truth, is to focus on yours.

You can check out all the parent support Evoke provides on our Family Involvement page.


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