Our Team

We believe each employee helps define the quality of our programs. We are committed to finding, training, and supporting a team dedicated to collaboration and change. Evoke believes to truly help individuals we too must be invested in achieving our own whole-health. Evoke is a company with the same goals as its programs: To create a safe, healthy, and supportive environment to facilitate continued growth and change.

Our Leadership Team includes our owners and department heads. Each of our owners is a full-time employee with an active role as a primary therapist, clinical director, program director, or family outreach.

Our Admissions Team has extensive experience in out-of-home therapeutic placement. They are available by phone to speak to participants and families to discuss any questions. Please call 866.411.6600

Our Clinical and Research Team includes our researchers, clinical directors, and primary therapists who provide direct care to our participants. Each of our therapists has many years of experience in Wilderness Therapy, and all are licensed Master’s level or Ph.D. therapists. 

Our Health and Wellness Team includes medical and psychiatric Ph.Ds., nurses, nutritionists, and yoga and fitness coaches. Visit their individual pages to learn more about them and the roles they play at Evoke Therapy Programs.

Our Operations Team includes field directors and field instructors who are with the participants every day. Our instructors undergo extensive initial and ongoing training in survival skills, wilderness living, medical training, communication skills, and clinical education. With an unending commitment,  they provide compassionate support, safety, and daily mentoring.

Our Intensives Team is comprised of a diverse group of licensed Master's level therapists as well as the staff who manage programming, logistics and guests' comfort when the participants are not directly engaged in the work.

Our Coaching Team is comprised of experienced and trained coaches with a wide range of expertise. All Evoke coaches maintain the same Evoke attachment-based approach that you experience in all of Evoke's programs.

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