Evoke Therapy Intensives are a condensed, yet powerful specialized program to help participants build a base of self-understanding and embark on a purposeful journey of growth and acceptance. Intensives are for individuals, couples, and families willing to commit to a multi-day therapeutic experience.

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Evoke therapists are compassionate clinical experts ready to help you heal.

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“Words do not do this program justice. I am eternally grateful for the process of growth and change that was made possible through the guidance of my amazing therapists. I have a commitment to myself, my truth, my voice, my needs, and my boundaries for the first time in my life. Thank you!” —Christy Z.

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“ incredible experience that I will never regret investing in. This intensive not only benefited us both personally but also brought us closer together and gave us an experience and tools to help us be better parents...” —Sheila

“I came with an expectation of receiving answers about fundamental questions in my life, only to realize that it's more valuable to know why I am asking the question.” —Anonymous

“I’m so glad I participated in the Online Intensive. I'm surprised at how much I noticed about myself during and after the weekend. While reflecting on the weekend, more realizations continue to come to me about myself and about the relationships in my life.” —Online Intensive Participant