Conscious Parenting Online Seminar

How attachment-based parenting can help parents discover their authentic and empowered voices

You are invited to join Dr. Brad Reedy for a day full of interactive online teaching and discussion to explore how Attachment-based therapy can inform your parenting. Dr. Reedy will guide participants through this workshop to help unlock the wisdom buried deep inside all of us. He will teach, take questions from participants, and lead exercises in this unprecedented offering to allow access for Evoke’s podcast listeners, Dr. Reedy’s social media followers, readers of his books, and Evoke Family parents.

What to expect
This class will allow participants to assist in shaping the day by exploring their individual and personal questions. In addition, some of topics to be explored during this interactive, day-long, online workshop will include:

  • Understanding how our backgrounds and history contribute to our current day dilemmas. The impact of the rules, roles, and messages of our childhood and how they can wreak havoc on our relationships when left unexplored.
  • How we can replace despair and fear with hope and optimism. Changing the frame from the child as the student to the child as a teacher and what lessons their struggles are trying to impart.
  • Boundaries and what gets in the way of understanding them and setting them with those we love. Understanding the role of boundaries and how our attachment histories prevent us from taking the next step in our relationships.
  • Defining and exploring codependency. How can we discover the issues from our unconscious and their impact on our connections with others?
  • Developing a plan for our own individuation: changing the project from “changing the child” to “changing yourself.”
  • How we can use myth and metaphor to better understand our current situations.
  • Debunking cultural relationship and mental health myths.
  • Exploring the path to enlightenment and preparing for the pain that inevitably accompanies such transformations.
  • Understanding defenses in ourselves and our children and their barrier to our growth.

When it will be held
Currently the next seminar is still to be announced. This seminar typically runs for one day from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm MT, with a one-hour break for lunch. Please reach out to inquire of any potential updates.

Who is leading it
Led by Dr. Brad Reedy, participants looking to courageously explore their contributions to their present-day relationships are welcome. 

How much it costs
$400 per person. $700 per couple on a shared screen.

For questions email Intensives@EvokeTherapy.com or call 866.411.6600.

Or register here.