Some of our most frequently asked questions are answered below. You can click on the question or the arrow next to the question to reveal the answer, or you can click the play button to the right of the question to watch the answer on video. Please don't hesitate to call our admissions team at 866.411.6600 or email us at intensives@evoketherapy.com with additional questions.


An Intensive is a short, but powerful, therapeutic experience that incorporates the elements of psychoeducation, group therapy, mindfulness training, art therapy, and psychodrama (role plays). Evoke Therapy's Intensive programs are held both in-person and online. To learn more about an Intensive, we invite you to explore this blog and podcast.

Intensives gained their name because the therapy done in one of these programs is longer and more frequent than a "typical" 50-minute session. The name refers to the duration of the program, not the emotional intensity of the therapy done.

Every Evoke therapist has their unique skills and niche and those are welcomed and even needed, but Evoke’s clinical vision falls under the umbrella of Attachment Theory-Informed Therapy. This emphasizes the experience that you, the participant, has during an Intensive. We hope that during our program you develop self-compassion, expand self-awareness, and gain what Freud explained was the goal of therapy: freedom from unconscious obligations.

The maximum group size at any Intensive is seven participants.

Evoke believes that we are wounded in relationship and we, therefore, heal in relationship. The language of self-love is learned by someone loving us, not from the creation of it within ourselves. Only once we have been loved, validated, empowered, and really seen by another can we do that for ourselves.

Upon leaving the Intensive program, therapists will provide you with clear suggestions to assist in the continuation of your journey. Evoke Therapy Intensives provides all our participants with a free, monthly online alumni support group led by one of our therapists. Evoke provides continued coaching with a member of our team for those who choose. And those attending a Finding You are invited back for the next step in our program, Returning to You.

Each program is facilitated by several members of our Clinical Team. Our Lead Therapists hold a minimum of a master's degree and join us from all over the United States. Each person on the Intensives Team has been trained in our program philosophy and approaches.

Evoke Therapy Intensives uses an Attachment-based approach and encourages each participant to dig into their own inner-wisdom. Additionally, while not all of our participants have children in treatment, Evoke Therapy Programs understands the struggles and successes that come along with healing a family system.

In-Person Programs

Our programs are held in Northern Utah. Those flying are encouraged to arrive at the Salt Lake City International Airport. From there, we will provide you with a free shuttle to and from the program.

Our Finding You program runs from Wednesday evening to Sunday afternoon (four-and-a-half days total). Family and Couple's programs vary based upon need but most commonly last for two-and-a-half days.

We understand the importance of looking at the whole self while seeking healing. For this reason, we provide opportunities for yoga, walks/runs, and meditation.

We invite you to take a break from technology during your Intensive process so that you may focus more completely on yourself. You will have brief access to your devices when you arrive and again on the last day of the program. We will provide you with an emergency contact number before your arrival and we encourage you to give that number to any person who may need to contact you in the case of emergency.

All meals are prepared on-site for participants. We are proud to provide healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals. Snacks and beverages, including coffee and tea, are available during your stay.

Priority for special diet requests are those with food allergies, religious restrictions, and other health-related needs. Vegetarian, vegan, and other diet types can be accommodated but should be requested ahead of time.

While we do our best to provide private rooms during a Finding You, it is not always possible. During rooming situations, genders will room separately. Exceptions to this include couples during Finding Connection and Finding Family.

Online Programs

Our Online Finding You program is a two-and-a-half day program. Family and Couple's programs vary based upon need but most commonly last for two days.

Our online programs are a more economical and convenient option for many of our participants. This powerful program does not include lodging, meals, and after hours activities in the same way that an in-person program does. However, the therapy is extremely effective. To read more about the power of Online Intensives, see our blog post.

Health and Safety

Our COVID-19 response is continuously updated based on the best available scientific information/recommendations at the time of each program. We continue to follow preexisting and new protocols to mitigate risks; such as enhanced cleaning, symptom screening, testing, and requests for vaccination records to name a few. With that said, we still feel it’s important to tell you that Evoke’s efforts to mitigate risks to participants, families and our employees are not infallible. For more information on steps that Evoke Therapy Programs has taken to mitigate risk, please visit our website.

Yes, participants will be responsible for all personal medications during their stay.

We strive to create programs that are as inclusive as possible for our participants. In everything we do, health and safety are a priority. As such, we need to recognize the limitations of our facilities, programs, and staff. If you have a special need, we request that you discuss it with us during the registration process.

Evoke Therapy Intensives is gender-expansive inclusive and we aim to create a safe and welcoming space. We request that gender-expansive participants have a conversation with our team, before the program, to discuss how we can best meet their needs.


No, anyone is welcome to attend an Intensive

No. While many of our participants do come to us because they have a child in treatment, it is not necessary. The beauty of our groups comes from the diversity of our participants and we encourage all backgrounds to register.

We ask that individuals come to a Finding You program without family or friends. This allows our participants to focus on themselves.
Those seeking to apply with family or close friends may want to consider one of our private programs, such as Finding Family or Finding Connection.

Depending upon time of year, our Finding You programs often fill two months out. For private programs, we ask a minimum of two weeks' planning from the time we receive an application.

Cancellation by Participant: Program cost minus the non-refundable deposit is refunded up to four weeks prior to the start date. If a participant cancels between two and four weeks prior to the Intensive, half of the tuition cost is refunded. The full cost of the program is non-refundable if cancellation happens within two weeks of the beginning of the program. There is no refund due to failure to attend without notice.

Cancellation by Evoke Therapy Intensives: It is our intent to avoid cancellation of any program. Unfortunately circumstances occasionally require us to cancel or reschedule our programs. All programs are participant-enrollment dependent. The required minimum participant enrollment is four persons. Programs with enrollment of less than four participants are subject to cancellation at the discretion of the Evoke Program Director. In-person programs will be canceled no less than twenty-one days before the scheduled start day of the program. Online programs will be canceled no less than seven days before the scheduled start day of the program. Notices will be sent to registered participants by email, to the address provided on the program application. Participants will not be charged any fees, including the deposit, for programs canceled by Evoke Therapy Intensives. Any previously charged fees will be refunded or credited towards a future program. Circumstances may require us to cancel or reschedule programs; please consider this when arranging travel. We are not liable for any expenses incurred due to program re-scheduling or cancellation.

Cancellation due to COVID-19: Cancellation will be accepted provided you:

  • are impacted by the travel and/or disease control restrictions implemented by your local authorities or the authorities in your destination of travel.
  • are a medical professional and must perform duties in connection with the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • have been diagnosed or are suspected of being infected with COVID-19 by health authorities.
  • Also, any extraneous circumstances as approved by the Program Director.

Participants will not be charged any fees, including the deposit, for programs canceled by Evoke Therapy Intensives. Any previously charged fees will be refunded or credited towards a future program. We are not liable for any expenses incurred due to program re-scheduling or cancellation.



Evoke Intensives offers several discounts to our participants. These discounts apply specifically to Intensives and not to workshops or other programs. Ask your Admissions Specialist if the following might apply to your situation:

Early registration: Register 60 days in advance and get $100 off your program.

Individual Multiple Session Discount: Individual intensive participants who register for two (2) or more intensives at a single time may receive a bundle discount of 10% all sessions applied for on that application.

Family Multiple Session Discount: Family members who register for two (2) or more intensives at a single time may receive a bundle discount of 10% all sessions applied for at the same time.

Evoke Therapy Programs does not bill insurance. Many insurance companies will not reimburse participants because, due to the short-term nature of our program, Evoke Therapy Intensives cannot purport to diagnose our participants. Anyone attending an Intensive is responsible for paying the tuition.

“I’m so glad I participated in the Online Intensive. I'm surprised at how much I noticed about myself during and after the weekend. While reflecting on the weekend, more realizations continue to come to me about myself and about the relationships in my life.”

— Online Intensive Participant