Earth Day, April 22, 2016

Posted by Rick Heizer, MS, Owner & Executive Director on April 22, 2016

Rick Heizer 17Earth Day started in 1970 to bring environmental issues to the forefront of our awareness. Today Earth Day is observed by communities around the world. In support of this day, communities come together to plant trees, initiate recycling programs, host educational events and simply gather together at a local park or beach to collect trash.

Every day truly is Earth Day at Evoke. We rely a great deal on our natural environment – it’s the wilderness that provides our clients a place to sleep, eat and spend their days reconnecting with their true and authentic self. We all have a basic inherent connection to the outdoors, and it’s this connection that provides the peace and sense of self that allows our clients to access their own inherent inner wisdom.

Earth Day is about giving back and nurturing our natural environment. This is an every day occurrence at Evoke. By teaching our clients Leave No Trace principles we create greater awareness of our natural environment. By practicing these principles, our employees and clients are giving back and nurture the wilderness and in turn our Evoke community.

Evoke takes other steps as a company to bring awareness and contribute to the conservation efforts of our world resources. Evoke prints its marketing materials on 100% recycled materials that were produced by wind power. Our tote bags are made from100% recycled plastic. We maintain an extensive recycling program, participate in trash collection through the Adopt-A-Road Program, perform monthly clean up projects on public lands, and volunteer with local education programs, to name a few.

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I’ve said this previously and believe it bears repeating, every day we are presented with opportunities to make a difference, and by making small incremental changes in our own lives and communities we can all collectively create large-scale lasting changes. You can do your part too. This year’s Earth Day theme is, Trees For the Earth. The Earth Day Network has the goal of planting 7.8 billion trees by the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in 2020. That’s one tree for every person on the planet. Consider planting your own tree, or visit The Earth Day Network, the official organization of Earth Day, and donate to The Canopy Project, find an event in your area or organize your own tree planting event.


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